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Primary Wellness Care
The Ridge Animal Hospital's primary services focus on health maintenance and preventative medicine. These services include physical examination, vaccinations, sterilization - Spay/Neuter, nutritional counseling, blood screening, microchip identification, and general wellness education to encompass topics such as environmental enrichment, behavior, grooming and husbandry techniques. These services are species specific, as well as fine tuned to each animal's physical condition, mental state, age and health requirements. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), general health services and guidance as described above should be given to pets and their owners at least twice a year. The Ridge Animal Hospital veterinary and technical staff is highly trained in designing wellness protocols and fulfilling the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

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General Surgery
Dr. Sylvie Epper-Cote and technical staff are skilled in the discipline of surgery to encompass most soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. The Ridge Animal Hospital offers routine elective procedures and emergency surgical services as needed. The Ridge Animal Hospital maintains a strict protocol of physiologic surgical monitoring on every animal placed under anesthesia. State of the art instrumentation reads core body temperatures, heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate and character, pulse oximetry and blood pressure. Endoscopy and ultrasound are available to offer a non-surgical approach to various procedures. After care services like hospitalization and rehabilitation are also offered.

Nail Trims
We provide nail trims for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotics. For an alternative to declawing we recommend Soft Paws. We have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. We are happy to trim your cats nails monthly or show you how to safely trim your pets nails.

Imaging Safe, modern on site radiology equipment provides quick and efficient diagnosis of medical problems.

Dental Care
Dentistry is an important area of veterinary medicine with a focus on preventative medicine. Therefore, as well as providing routine dental prophylaxis like examination, crown scaling, polishing, and extraction, the Ridge Animal Hospital offers advanced dental services, education and disease intervention therapy.

With the use of advanced equipment like Tonopen, modern ophthalmoscopic and pharmacologic techniques, routine examination, diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases are maintained "in-house". Routine ophthalmologic services are offered for treatment of ocular malformation and disease.

Laboratory Diagnostics
Routine laboratory screening are performed at the hospital with the use of sophisticated instrumentation and microscopy. Fecal examination, immunologic disease screening, CBC, Blood chemistry, electrolyte profiling, urinalysis and cytology are regularly performed by professional and technical staff. In house laboratory services are critically important to the management of acute and chronic disease states, but for quality control and advanced laboratory diagnostics, the Ridge Animal Hospital maintains service agreements with Idexx, one of the largest veterinary laboratories in the United States. Idexx picks up samples daily for evaluation at their regional facilities and return the results within 24 hours.

Pharmacy Services
The Ridge Animal Hospital maintains a fully stocked inventory of veterinary medicinal products and controlled substances. Many of these products and their manufacturers are highly veterinary specific, choosing only to retail an item through licensed veterinary hospitals that understand the appropriate use and safety margins.

Please give our office at least a 24 hour notice to refill a prescription. Thank you!

Month-long flea protection for dogs in a chewable tablet!

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Frontline Gold
We recommend Frontline Gold for your cat.

Tri-Heart Plus
Protect your dog against heartworms, roundworms and hookworms.
Please note that Tri-Heart Plus is only guaranteed when purchased from a licensed veterinarian.

Preventative Health Care
Your pets cannot tell us how they feel, so by performing their annual physical exam we can check their eyes, skin, teeth, ears, respiratory and skeletal neural systems, lymph nodes, and mucous membranes to ensure they are healthy.

Protect your pets if they get lost with Home Again Microchips.

At Home Euthanasia
Euthanasia services can be performed at our facility or in your own home. Please call us to discuss your needs and options. We can talk about where the euthanasia will take place, whether it be in the comfortable surrounding of your home or a quiet place outdoors.

Retail Center/ Products
The Ridge Animal Hospital will offer several other pet related specialty products for small animal and exotic species, such as pet foods, housing supplies, healthy treats, dental products, shampoo and grooming aids.

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So that your pet's food doesn't run out, please call ahead to order! Thank you!

We also provide referral services for special cases, such as endoscopy, ultrasound, oncology, orthopedic and opthalmology, however we are equipped to handle a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

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Payment Options

Payment is expected as services are rendered. In most cases, a down payment is due before treatment is started. Please feel free to consult about treatment plans with any of our staff. Written treatment plans of procedures are routinely given.

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks, cash and Care Credit.
We can assist you in applying for CareCredit, which is great to have reserved for your pet's medical needs.