"Gibson" Epper-Cote 1997-2011

The staff at the Ridge Animal Hospital, announces with great sadness,
that Gibby Cote has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

It is hard to remember a time when Gibby wasn’t roaming the grounds at Ridge Animal Hospital with his big sister Buca. As long as Dr. Epper-Cote was working, her four-legged kids were in tow. You could always tell when Gibby had arrived at work. As soon as he walked in the door he would announce his presence rather loudly. Part of it was his love to bark, but the other part was his love for food. Getting to work meant breakfast was going to be served. We always knew he was done, because we heard some more barking and that was followed by him dancing. Time to head outside! No matter what the conditions were outside, he had to follow his big sister wherever she went. It didn’t matter if it was out into the field, down to the ponds, or into the wetlands (not our favorite). Snow, rain, wind, where ever Buca went, so went Gibby. One of his favorite spots was to camp out in the center of the floor of the lobby, legs stretched out, looking like a frog.

Being a herding dog, some might say he needed to be where the action was, but we knew he was lying in wait for the treat jar to open. With his puppy like features and sweet demeanor, there wasn’t anyone that could resist giving him a treat. One look at his face and ears, would bring smiles to so many. We know how many of you looked forward to seeing him. Most of us have only known Gibby since Ridge Animal Hospital has been open.

Many of you were shocked at how old he was since he always looked like a puppy. You would have to look really hard to find any gray hairs on his face. It is really hard to believe that he was 14 years old. Most recently, he had to rely on his “wheelchair” to get around. Fortunately, this gave him the chance to run around again. He did have his stubborn moments with it, but he greatly appreciated it when he saw the UPS man come in. This meant he could get a treat a little bit faster. And almost as important, he could chase balls again.

The pets that we surround ourselves with, always make us better people. They love us unconditionally. They don’t care if we are having a bad hair day, what we do for a living, or what kind of car we drive. They love us no matter what. They hate to see us leave for work, but they are so happy when we come home. If we could have just one more day, week, month or year. It is because of this, that Dr. Epper-Cote created The Pippen Fund. The fund is named after her kitty that she lost a little over 4 years ago. Her dream is that donations will help owners in an emergency situation to care for their own pets. Please consider donating to The Pippen Fund in Gibby’s memory to help owners have a chance of more memories with their special four legged babies. No amount of time is ever enough when it comes to our pets.

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for all of us,

but especially for Dr. Epper-Cote and her family.















Until one has loved an animal
a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

-Anatole France





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